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Bespoke Build site

I truly build site. What I mean with that I approach every new project With the user in mind. What is it that they are looking for and how to guide them to take the next step. After all a site that get visitors but no further interaction does not help your business.

The benefit of sites build from scratch is that they are lightbing fast something the users and the Search Engines like very much. Free from any constrains themeplates or website builder impose the site will be build around your business needs and desires.

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Conversion in mind

Every webpage needs to server a purpose and every page needs to have a goal. Tweaking content so that website visitors flow through a site so naturally they want to take action and sign up, call or buy from you.

We know when website content requires any of our assosiated world class copy writers and when we can write the content together with you. We do not leave our clients on their own filling a site with content. We want to make sure the content works as a funnel.

Most sites we build are complex lead generation funnels designed to convert a web searcher to a website visitor to an pre-sold lead looking forward to spend their money with you.

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Bespoke CMS

Every one of our sites has a bespoke Content Management System attached to it so that part of the site content can be updated or added. Instead of having to deal with a complex unfriendly CMS like WordPress where you can easily ruin a site if you are not careful. Our CMS makes near impossible to mess up with the site but still gives you instant control over those bits that do change.

This can be from simply uploading new portfolio items, new products for e-commerce or Real Estate sites, add holidays to booking calendar or simply to track and email your leads from your admin panel.

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Super Secure

Popular Content Management Sytems like WordPress or Joomla have a lot of add-ons that not only slow down the site but also that can add a lot of security issues.

Our CMS backbone is build with security in mind. We made it impossible for outsiders to hack into a website's admin panel and take control of it.

Maybe we take website security so seriously because part of our business is helping site owners rescue their hacked WordPress/Joomla/Drupal sites. Because we see hunderds of these sites a year, we take it way more serious than normal web designers.

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We help Small Businesses with all of their Digital Marketing Needs. From websites that work as lead generation funnels to getting prospects to those website.

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