Social Media Management

Re-targeting Ads

The first thing to do with Social Media is setting up re-targeting Ads. These ads allow you to advertise to people that have already been on your website but didn't take further action.

These people are already warm leads, showed interest in your business, are now familiar with your business and only need a bit more to be convinced to do business with you.

These ads are relatively cheap and convert really well and work great with Facebook, Google AdWords and YouTube ads.

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Daily Social Posts

Having an active Social Media account can be the difference between people choosing your business or your competitors. Showing you are dedicated to posting daily make people believe you are more dedicated to your business.

We have a service that posts daily for you. Flooding your account with relevant content. The trick we apply to keep this affordable is that we recycle this content every 3 months. After no-body will scroll back to 90+ messages to notice what is going on.

And Loyal customers can actually use the reminder of your post.

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Facebook Ads

We love traffic from Search as these people are actively searching for your help. The thing is if you offer something new that not enough people are aware of then there won't be any people searching for it.

If you have to tell your audience they need your product or servies then the best place for this is Facebook. With Facebook ads can target your ideal demographic and show them the ads.

Social Media Ads also works great for creating brand awareness. It all depends how you set up the ad and who you target. When done right it can work as great as SEO and Search Ads.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are cheap and can be a great source of website traffic. The first focus here is not the targeting but designing the video and coming with a storyboard that sells to make sure people that are not interested move on and that by the end of the video those that are interested have a strong desire to click through.

Of course there are quite a few tricks in targeting the audience that can make sure you get the most engagine viewers to watch your video ad. But where facebook ads can easily test mulitple version of the ad copy as the cost of creating the banner are minimal. Video Ads have higher upfront cost in creating the video.

We work together with some great videographers and film studios that can help with creating the video and we know all the ins and outs of the YouTube Ad platform.

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