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Web Design and Development

Traffic to a website that : looks ugly; is difficult to navigate; and doesn't get to the point, is useless. That is why Web Design is still the foundation of this business.

We build bespoke website to the exact needs of our clients, making sure to design a website that converts its visitors into leads and sales. A website should be not just an online business-card but rather a Digital Sales Funnel on steroids.

Our sites come with a super secure CMS that is custom build for every site. We make sure you can edit and add the important parts of the site but keep some design aspect out of the CMS making it easy to work with and unable for a user to destroy the site.

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Local SEO

We find SEO traffic the best converting type of traffic for any website as these people are often ready to buy and take quick action.

You will find many SEO Service claiming it takes months before you see results and altough this is part true and makes it difficult to pick an SEO Service provider. We use our years of expertise to make sure our client website rank fast. Often within 2 months. Giving not only a far quicker and better Return on Investment but the option to grow full scale after you have seen proof we can actually rank websites.

Our SEO results last and often only get better with every Google update. As we plan a think many months a head when it come to any Algorithm changes.

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Social Media Management

We all know Social Media is big and we all know we probably should spend more time promoting our business on it. The thing is that it takes effort and time to do this consistently.

We offer a Daily Social Media post service for a lot of industries that post for you at least once a day. Imagine a new prospect landing on your Social Media account and seeing how active you are. This is a major descion factor for a lot of people.

Social Media Ads are another thing in our arsanal that can make sure your website has enough traffic and grows your business.

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Cyber Security

We really are top class nerds and take cyber security very seriously. It is one of the reason why we developed our own CMS, to create unhackable websites.

We help businesses recover their hacked website and mitigate the damage caused. You can also hire us to try and hack your website were you will only pay the full price if we suceed, a great 3rd party check to see if your previous developers did a good job.

Ofcourse website security now goes hand in hand with GDPR we work together with laywers who are specialised in this field so that we are never outmatched in knowledge and can offer a first class GDPR compliant Cyber Security Service.

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We help Small Businesses with all of their Digital Marketing Needs. From websites that work as lead generation funnels to getting prospects to those website.

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