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Facebook Ads

Although we Search Engine Marketing because people on Google are actively searching for your products or services. This is just not lways the case. especially if you offer something unknown to the market, as prospects can't search what they don't know.

If you have to tell your audience they need your product or servies then the first place to start marketing is on Facebook. The type of ads can be wildy different within the platform some are easy and quick to set up other, such as video, require more upfront work.

As with any of our Ad Marketing services (Google AdWords, YouTube Ads, Instagram) you pay us for the Management and the individual platform for the Adspend. Some Social Media Management Services charge a percentage of the Adspend. We have always found that weird as they need you to spend more in order to earn their living. Our Fees are pretty straigth forward and are more based on how much we would actually need to do.

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Ad Campaign Consultation

We always offer some free advice just to see if we can be of help and even if you lan to do it on your own this free advice has helped plenty of businesses get an better idea of how proffesionals would approach their problem. These are often phone calls that last 15-20 minutes. Make sure you take notes.

If in the intial call it was clear you want more help, but your problem is not that straight forward an more indepth paid consultation would be needed. This includes an upfront competition analysis to see what is being done and get an idea of what can work for you. Then there will be two calls: the first to gather more information from you and the second call comes after we looked through everything and this is the actual consultation, this call is often over 1 hour long and has plenty of time to make sure all questions are answered.

These consultations are a perfect solution if you already have someone within your company that has the skills to manage the ads. You just want to know the best structure of the Campaign: e.g. should you be going for Sponsered Post, Video Ads, Page Likes, etc. and More detailed look at your ideal Targeting demographic.

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Facebook Ad Management Fee

We base our fees not on a percentage of your AdSpend but more on the actual campaign or campaigns that we would be managing. If you already have an excisting ad campaign with Facebook and want this camapign managed by us we should be able to give you a quick and fair quote.

If you are just starting out and don't have anything set-up don't worry we can do all of that for you. If things look pretty straight forward during or first free consult again getting a price is quick and easy.

If your case wasn't straight forward but you didn't go for a paid consultation it is a bit hard for us to tell you what our management fee would be, after all we don't directly know what the campaign would look like.

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Your Ad Spend Budget

In general the more you spend the more exposure you will get. But ... it really does depend a normal structured ad campaign (set up by non-professionals) can easily spend double the amount compared to a proffesional setup Ad Campaign.

As our budget isn't linked to your Ad Spend we understand you want to be careful with your spendings. If you are extremly thight with your budget not spending on a manager is a wise dessision. If you plan to spend less than a thousand a month you might be better off doing it yourself.

If your marketing budget is over 4 thousands a month we also have great combo packages That include Social Media Ads (FB, IG, YT), AdWords display ads, Search Ads and SEO. This basically covers all your digital marketing needs.

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We help Small Businesses with all of their Digital Marketing Needs. From websites that work as lead generation funnels to getting prospects to those website.

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